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Urijip Iced Tea - Bartender Series #8

The Drinkmate Bartender Series presents top sparkling cocktail/mocktail recipes made by professional bartenders in Singapore. These recipes were created with simple ingredients that anyone can use to make at home, and carbonate with the Drinkmate. So get your mixologist caps on, and let's get fizzing! You can also visit these partner bars and try out their amazing sparkling cocktails/mocktails made with the Drinkmate!


Bartender Series #8 - Urijip Iced Tea (Mocktail),

by Bannie Kang, Diageo World Class Bartender of The Year 2019, Sidedoor

Originally from South Korea, Bannie is an experienced, world famous mixologist who regularly flies around the world creating epic drinks for top brands and bars. When she's back in Singapore, she co-runs her home dining/bar set up, Sidedoor, together with her husband.

A family drink, well loved by kids. Easy to make, and a definite party favourite!

Ingredients (Serves 4):

  1. Korean Iced Peach Tea Powder (14g/2 sachets) mixed in 400ml of Water or 400ml of Peach Tea
  2. 30ml Passion Fruit Syrup/Cordial
  3. 30ml Lemon Juice 


Combine peach tea, syrup, & lemon juice

Carbonate the mix in the Drinkmate

Pour carbonated drink into a tall glass of ice

Garnish with dehydrated orange and serve.

Serve this up at a party, and let us know what you think! Don't forget to share the recipe with your friends!

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