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My beverage has little or no carbonation. How do I fix this?

  • The CO2 cylinder may be empty. To check if your cylinder is empty (or close to), you can weigh the cylinder. The empty weight is ~705 - 750g.
  • The CO2 cylinder may be too cold. Wait until it reaches room temperature.
  • Your drink may be too warm. Use cold liquid – the colder the better.
  • Check to see if the CO2 cylinder is properly attached to the receptacle. If it is loose, it will not activate properly. Gently but firmly hand tighten the cylinder.
  • CO2 may not be mixing well with your chosen drink. Shake the bottle and allow 10 seconds for the CO2 to completely mix with your drink before releasing the pressure.
  • Your drink may contain lots of sugar which tends to absorb more CO2 than water. Add one or two extra bursts of CO2 and shake the bottle before releasing the pressure.
  • Use longer bursts of CO2.
  • The valves in the Fizz Infuser may be clogged or leaking (you can hear a hissing sound if it is leaking) – soak the Fizz Infuser in clean water for 15 minutes or replace it.

    My machine is leaking some gas from the back or button. What do I do to fix it?

    • Leaks almost always stem from the rubber o-ring being out of place, and thus not creating a proper seal. Remove your cylinder, and check the black o-ring inside the machine. The ring can sometimes become dislodged slightly as you remove cylinders. Simply use a chopstick or butter knife to push the ring back into place (it needs to be sitting flushed all the way inside to create a good seal), and reinsert the cylinder. You should be good to go! Below is an example of how the o-ring is out of place.

    Foam rises too quickly while I’m carbonating or releasing pressure. What do I do?

    Every drink foams differently. If foam is coming out of the Fizz Infuser when you're releasing pressure, try these things next time you carbonate that drink:

    • fill the bottle only halfway to leave more room for foam
    • use shorter bursts of CO2
    • wait longer between each carbonation burst

    The more you use the DrinkMate, the better you'll get at carbonating your favorite drinks.

    It’s difficult to remove the Fizz Infuser from the bottle after carbonating.

    Excess CO2 pressure may need to be be released. Lift the chrome pressure release tab on the Fizz Infuser and wait until all the excess CO2 has been released or push the blue fast release button to release all the pressure. The Fizz Infuser should open more easily!

    My Drinkmate doesn’t work because the white nozzle tip in the machine was damaged. How do I avoid that?

    Be sure to slide the Fizz Infuser ALL THE WAY to the end before locking it down. If the Fizz Infuser is halfway on and you try to lock it down, the white tip will be damaged. Once damaged, your Drinkmate won’t be able to perform normal CO2 infusion.

    This rarely happens and you can prevent it with a bit of care and patience.

    1. Slide the Fizz Infuser ALL THE WAY in on a 45 degree angle
    2. Then gently but firmly push the Fizz Infuser and bottle down to it’s locked position – ready for to carbonate your drink!