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Exchanging your soda CO₂ cylinders in Singapore should be affordable, convenient, and fuss-free. Our cylinders are compatible with all home carbonation machines (Sodastream/Aarke etc).

At Drinkmate Singapore, we pride ourselves on giving you the best for less!

We only accept Sodastream, Drinkmate, and The Soda Co cylinders for exchange, other brands will be rejected. We do not refill Sodastream cylinders due to their user license, but we exchange them at no extra cost provided the cylinders are not more than 10 years old.

Our gas cylinders and valves are manufactured in Taiwan under ISO9001:2015 standards. Each cylinder and valve are tested for safety and certified by USA DOT & European TUV authorities.

All cylinders collected by us are sanitised, checked, and refilled locally for the next use!

The CO₂ in your cylinder is filled to the brim from local certified gas suppliers & manufacturers of food grade CO₂. This helps keep our costs down, and supports local businesses too! 

*Be wary of refilling services from unlicensed sources. You'll never get fully filled cylinders because physics prevents them without a proper refilling station. Not to mentioned the unverified sources of CO2. We've tried them, and it's not worth the hassle!