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Drinkmate 60L CO₂ Cylinder Refill (1-for-1 Swap)

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Drinkmate 60L CO₂ Cylinder Refill (1-for-1 Swap)

Regular price $19.95
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*Please ensure you have the exact amount of empty cylinders to exchange before ordering, or you may be required to pay a re-delivery fee.

Exchange your empty 60L CO₂ cylinders for filled ones so you can keep the bubbles going! We accept any type of 60L soda cylinder for exchange, even Sodastream®.

Made for soda lovers like you! Drinkmate Singapore's CO2 is filled locally to save you plenty!

Our cylinder refills contain 425g (often more) of Carbon Dioxide, and can make up to 60L of sparkling water. 

Our cylinders are compatible with Singapore Sodastream® Makers, and others like Aarke as well. 

*You may get either The Soda Co., or Drinkmate branded cylinders during refills.

Not convinced? We put our money where our mouths are, and offer 30 day refunds if you're unsatisfied with our product. We'll even return your old cylinders free of charge.

All our cylinders are certified Food Grade, and approved for safety under USA DOT and European TUV certifications, the highest authorities for cylinder production safety. The food grade CO₂ inside your cylinder undergoes testing for toxins and contaminants, and is filled locally in Singapore by certified gas suppliers. This way, we save you money, and reduce your carbon footprint! 

For more info check out our "How To" page, "Delivery" or contact us!

Deliveries will not be completed unless the equal amount of empty cylinders are handed over to the courier. Otherwise, the driver will decline delivery and you will be required to pay for a redelivery.

We DO NOT refill Sodastream® cylinders, but will exchange them with one of ours at no extra cost.

*We are not affiliated with Sodastream®

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Sonny Goh

Completely satisfied with the refills..cheaper and just as good. Delivery is quick, well protected.

Thank you for the review! We always strive to provide stellar service and value to our customers.

Suhayl Seth

Really nice service

Thank you for the review, and we hope to continue bringing you bubbles in the future!

Kristi Mackintosh

Drinkmate 60L CO₂ Cylinder Refill (1-for-1 Swap)

Patrick Ng
Fast arrive

Appreciate the flexibility in delivery , will convert to drinkmate

Thank you for the kind words fellow soda lover! We always strive to provide the best service.

Lynn Chen
very gassy

Seems to be grassier than Soda Stream, but will have to see if it lasts longer as well

Thank you for the review fellow soda lover! Drinkmate Singapore aims to provide value for our customers by providing cylinders that are filled to the brim with bubbles! We try our best to fill our cylinders more than the stated amount (within safety limits of course)