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Safety & Maintenance of Home Carbonation Devices

We all love a cup of bubbly goodness made in the convenience of your own home, and not to mention the cost + environmental savings over the long run. But we're working with compressed air here, so there are some risks we should take note of.

Here are some things to look out for to ensure your safety and the longevity of your machine.

1. Check Your Carbonating Bottle's Expiry Date

Many don't know this, but your Sodastream's carbonation bottle has an expiry date. After years of use, the structural integrity of the plastic can become worn, and as such there have been incidents of bottles exploding during carbonation, causing personal and property damage. So get your bottles changed if they're past the date!

2. Clean the carbonating nozzle

If you tend to carbonate beverages other than water, it's good to regularly clean the nozzle to ensure there's not build up of substances. There can also be times where your nozzle pin hole gets clogged with crystalized sugar or dirt. An easy method to remove debris is to use a sewing pin to dislodge some of it before pushing it out with gas.

3. Check your CO2 cylinder for damage

Although we, and Sodastream as well, take the utmost care in the maintenance and checks of cylinders, sometimes things slip through the cracks or get damaged during delivery. If you notice any visible damage such as large dents or chips on your cylinder, it's best to let the company know. If you hear hissing noises from cylinders, leave them in a safe outdoor space to allow all the gas to dissipate. These cylinders come with safety valves, that release pressure from the side in over-pressurisation events

4. Keep your CO2 cylinders away from heat and sunlight

The CO2 in your cylinder is mostly in liquid form with some gas at the top. As the temperature of your cylinder gets higher, more liquid gets converted into gas causing the internal pressure to rise. If the pressure becomes too high for the valve to handle, it will cause the safety valve to be released, thus expelling gas quickly. Keep your cylinders below 45 degrees Celsius to ensure your safety.

Follow these tips to keep you and your machine safe, and you'll be bubbling for a long time! As always, if you face any issues with your carbonation device or cylinder, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We will do our best to help with your issues. 

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