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Blueberry (Premium Italian Syrup)

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Wow your guests at your home bar or at your next party with Drinkmate flavours! Create endless sparkling drink options with our premium Italian syrups.
  • Made from Premium Italian fruits and ingredients. Bottled in Tuscany, Italy
  • Low calories, low sugar (pure cane sugar), and made with natural flavors
  • 500ml. Makes up to 9L of soda

We sourced the best quality syrups from around the globe, to give you the best taste and quality. No nasty additives, or high fructose corn syrup, just pure goodness. Taste the difference with Drinkmate!


Italian blueberry juice & pulp, pure cane sugar, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavours, preservative: sodium benzoate (for freshness), pectin, colouring: natural blueberry extract

Customer Reviews

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Jimmy Pang
If you like blueberry.

Decent flavor. Good an fruity. If you like blueberry (which actually doesnt have a whole lot of flavor normally) you should like this. Its sort of sweet, a little tart, with a blueberry flavor and pulped blueberry. Very purple/blue.