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3 Alternative Sparkling Water Hacks To Try At Home

We all love that cup of bubbles, but did you know you can do other things with your sparkling water?

Here are 3 alternative uses for your sparkling water!

1. Baking with Sparkling Water

Use sparkling water when baking your favourite cake, waffles, pancakes, and more. The carbonation causes cakes to rise better and results in a fluffier texture. It’s great in waffle batter, too! Just substitute a part of the milk with sparkling water and follow the recipe as you normally would. You can also try it in your favorite  pancake recipe. All you need to do is replace half of the milk in the recipe for fizzy water for an improved texture. You'll absolutely love the airy fluffiness with the additional crunch.

2. Using Sparkling Water in Your Frying Batter

Create a better batter by simply mixing flour with sparkling water! Replace the water with sparkling water as stated in your recipe, and voilà. The sparkling water will make anything you fry extra crunchy due to the airiness of the batter, creating more pockets of air bubbles in the fried batter. The crunch is addictive!

3. Cleaning with Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is great for cleaning metals like jewellery, combine it with a splash of detergent and your previous metals will be shining in no time. Sparkling water is also great for cleaning rust, as the carbonic acid helps to remove and reduce the oxidation. 

Try these fizzy tips at home!

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