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Is Sparkling Water Bad For You?

A common but important question! Everyone is aware of the harmful effects of drinking soda, or soft drinks that contain sugar or sugar substitutes. However, less is mentioned about their bubbly alternatives like soda water or sparkling/seltzer water.

Here are some myths that have been debunked on long term effects on carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks are harmful to teeth and cause erosion.

There are some who think carbon dioxide dissolved in water (carbonic acid) is harmful to teeth as it is acidic. The truth is, carbonated water is only slightly acidic, and the excess CO2 is easily removed from the body. A study in 2012 found that sparkling water did not cause any damage to teeth over long periods. Phew!

Carbonated drinks can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

IBS doesn't come about solely from drinking carbonated water, but from complex mechanisms that affect one another. Carbonated water can sometimes cause bloating and gas due to the excess gas consumption, which can affect people with IBS

Carbonated drinks can make you gain weight.

If you're talking about carbonated soft drinks, or carbonated drinks with added salts or sugars then yes, they can make you gain weight. However, plain water that is carbonated without any other additions is just as healthy as drinking plain water, and will not make you gain weight.

Sparkling water is better for you than other carbonated drinks!

There you have it. Carbonated water on it's own is a much healthier alternative to soda or soft drinks, and can be just as good for you as regular water. So keep bubbling on! If you love your Soda and want to save more? Get cheaper refills for your Soda Stream in Singapore with The Soda Co!

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